Luces en el agua…

Foto by Cruz del Sur

Ante la superficie silenciosa, el río se convierte en espejo, uno se va y otro llega, la tarde se marcha y la noche pronto llegará…, las luces pisan el agua y mágicamente se convierten en líneas perfectas, ellas quizás se unirán  en el infinito cuando llegue la luna…

Cruz del Sur

Link translation into English :

27 Respuestas a “Luces en el agua…

  1. how beautiful… the sea seems so nice in calmness and the ship too… As if I can jump into my screen and sail with this ship wherever she goes… Thank you dear Carlos this is so beautiful photograph… Have a nice weekend, love, nia

      • Si! It works fairly well, though you have to go back to the spanish link to comment or like. ditto for the music! Thanks to your page, i’ve had Christina’s 1,000 years rolling through my head for two days now!! I’m not complaining, as it’s a beautiful song!
        When I clear the inbox, i will return to your page and test a few more of the translations.. i try to read in spanish first, then switch to the english translation to see how well i comprehended it!

        • O thank you. What good is a way to be connected. You know once I was in Quito was lovely there.
          Luckily today is a spring day and evening reminded me of you saw the red sun.
          Must be nice Ecuador.

          • Quito often greets me with a case of altitude sickness! I forget and do something silly like run up a flight of stairs, then pay for it for the next few days. Si, I love visiting the “Sierra” of the Andes, but then I like to return to the quiet life in the campo where it’s actually chilly this afternoon, right here at almost zero degrees of latitude! I’m glad you had a beautiful day – -springtime – wow, I thought you’d be enduring more cold weather at this time of year. We’re two hours from sunset. Z

          • I had problems in Quito with height, it is true. Perhaps in the coming days to return the cold weather, but today was nice. It is night and before going to a birthday celebration of a nephew go to prepare a post …

  2. Abrirse camino entre las aguas.. las luces del barco que se reflejan y parecen que trazan líneas. Me recuerda a la novela de Garcia Marquéz, “el amor en los tiempos del cólera”, a Fermina y Florentino. 🙂


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