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Foto by Cruz del Sur

Ella es Vita, en otros idiomas Life, Vida…, su nombre representa a la lucha por la vida, pues hace un par de semanas llegó a mi casa en muy malas condiciones, fue rescatada de una zanja de agua en un pueblo de Buenos Aires, desnutrida y sin poder caminar con sus patas traseras, abandonada y casi sin vida…, poco a poco comenzó a dar muestras que quería vivir…

Vita hoy camina y juega con mi otra perra, llegó para quedarse, para mostrarme que siempre se puede luchar en la vida…

Cruz del Sur

Link translation into English


50 Respuestas a “Vita…

    • She’s Vita, in other languages Life, Life …, its name represents the struggle for life, for a couple of weeks came to my house in very poor condition ago was rescued from a ditch water in a village in Buenos Aires it malnourished and unable to walk on their hind legs, abandoned and almost lifeless … gradually began to show signs that he wanted to live …

      Vita now walk and play with my other dog, he is here to stay, to show that you can always fight in life …

      Thanks for your message here.

  1. This is precious! Vita looks like a super young puppy, so I hope you have many many awesome years together! Thank you for being such a kind soul, and sharing in Vita’s journey, Nancy

    • Your words and wishes sensitized me, the puppy came home in a time where I also from a year ago’m struggling with an illness. She gave me an example even being so small. She comes to me to sleep in my arms and that does me good. Only those who love animals know that feeling.
      Thanks for your comment, did very well. Carlos

  2. How sweet! I have a rescue cat who likes to sleep on my shoulder. It is a great feeling to give a defenseless animal another chance at life.

  3. Querido amigo, muy hermosa Vida, se parece a mi Lucy pequeña y amorosa. Yo siempre pienso en ti amigo y te mando mi cariño y siempre mi energía positiva. Un abrazo desde el oasisdeisa

  4. So precious and so cute ! It’s so nice of you to have rescued her and give her a happy life. You both needed each other and what a joy to think of all the years you’ll share together. The love and affection of a dog is so pure and beautiful 🙂

    • Thanks Joce, this little puppy is a beauty, very good, every day is bigger and longer sleeps near the fireplace, also shares a lot of time with my other dog, that’s life, sometimes good luck and love arrive at the right time, she was abandoned and now is a princess, I know it will be a good companion. Plus I showed you always have to fight, so called Vita, Life in English.
      Merci, Carlos 😉

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I have a new puppy as well, Rhumb Line… Her and Vita will grow up together during the same time, and we will have to share photos. THe puppy stage is just so sweet, scampy, and wonderful! CHeers to you and your puppy once again!

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